Child Neurology/Neuropediatrics

Tobias Iff, MD and Pediatric Neurologist

Child Neurology encompasses all congenital and aquired diseases of the central (brain, cerebellum, brain stem, basal ganglia, spine) and peripheral nervous system. I personally care for children, with neuropediatric problems, providing diagnostic investigations and treatment options for a variation of diseases, such as following:


  1. headache
  2. developmental delay
  3. movement disorders: cerebral palsy, tremor, tics, ataxia, gait abnormalities like toe walking etc.
  4. ADHD
  5. abnormalities of head size or shape like mikrocephaly, macrocephaly, craniosynostoses
  6. infectious and inflammatory diseases of the nervous system
  7. diseases of skin and nervous system like neurofibromatosis, tuberous sclerosis
  8. diseases of peripheral nerves and muscles such as facial palsy, guillain-barré-syndrome etc
  9. brain malformations and genetic diseases with impact on nervous system
  10. neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic diseases with impact on nervous system
  11. neurodevelopmental follow-ups after risk birth like asphyxia etc.

Epileptology / Electroencephalography (EEG (mit Link und Foto):

  1. Epilepsies and febrile seizures
  2. Loss of consciousness of unknown origine, syncope and other paroxysmal episodes of possible epiletogenic origin

The assessments and recommendations of treatment modalities usually take place at the private practice „Praxis für Kinderneurologie“ in Zürich. For more detailed investigations, I organize special diagnostic steps or therapeutic interventions like neurophysiologic studies or botulinum toxin injections with need of sedation or disoprivane anesthesia in the pediatric hospitals of Zürich (City hospital Triemlispital and Children’s University Hospital).